First Watch offers a range of audits and assessments to help you identify any potential risks within your network.

A First Watch cybersecurity assessment will review the whole structure of your OT network, policies, equipment used and the status of computers used in your network – including the control computers (HMI’s and PLC’s). Completed by industrial control system security experts, this assessment will help you to identify risks and vulnerabilities to your organisation, and adheres to international cybersecurity standards IEC 62443 and the NIST framework. Once completed, our team will provide recommendations for short- and long-term security measures to help reduce OT cyber risk within your organisation.

Achieving strong cyber resilience goes beyond having the right security tools in place – you also need to consider access and security controls, user authentication measures, network architecture, and system design.

Following a cybersecurity assessment, our comprehensive architecture review ensures that every potential access point and security vulnerability is addressed, giving you peace of mind that your organization has minimized any operational risk. Recommendations to enhance your security architecture and design will be made by our team after the review. Our team can also work with you to implement recommendations made and provide ongoing support.

Operational technology (OT) networks are exposed to a range of vulnerabilities that cyber attackers can exploit. With our penetration testing, we will reveal critical vulnerabilities using a threat model – this will allow you to gain a better understanding and prioritize potential targets and attack vectors.

This information will help to ensure the appropriate security measures are in place, which will build a robust network structure for long-term cybersecurity.


Thanks to First Watch’s cybersecurity expertise for industrial control and SCADA systems, along with their advanced assessment tools and techniques, we have addressed a wide range of potential risks to the safety, security and reliability of our food processing system.

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