With ICS and OT vulnerabilities more than doubling in 2021, many organisations are facing challenges managing their cybersecurity and business risk. Our cybersecurity platform protects infrastructure across key sectors including water utilities, gas pipelines and food & beverage manufacturers.

Defending critical infrastructure

As a critical service, protecting water infrastructure from cyber-attacks is essential. Providing a safe water supply and ensuring wastewater is properly treated supports our community’s health and safety and ensures environmental damage is minimised.

First Watch provides water utilities with the reassurance that critical assets can be identified and actively protected from cyber-attacks. Assessments, testing and ongoing support ensure industry standards, regulatory requirements and best practices are enforced and critical services are not disrupted.

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Maintaining production

The rise of Industry 4.0 has radically changed the landscape for manufacturers allowing improvements to supply chain management, operations and support and increased overall margins. This ‘digitisation of OT’ also attracts increased cyber risk with more external connections between enterprise systems and the OT network.

The First Watch Platform is the only platform to secure OT networks through protection of the HMI and PLC preventing unauthorized use, connections, and software from being installed and minimizing opportunities for hackers to impact manufacturing operations.

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Protecting the supply chain

Providing critical supplies to millions of people, the food and beverage industry has rapidly embraced digital technology to support increasing demands for sustainability, food safety standards, streamlined plant operations and improved agility. Connecting legacy systems to external networks has exposed control systems to an increased risk of cyber-attack and supply chains to risks of product tampering, shutdown and disrupted critical supply.

Utilising advanced assessment tools and techniques alongside the First Watch cybersecurity platform we provide targeted solutions to Food and Beverage facilities that promote safety, environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

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