Cybersecurity in the Food & Beverage Industry

Cyber-attacks have had a huge impact on the Food and Beverage industry over the last 12 months. Like many critical infrastructure sectors, Food and Beverage is increasingly adopting networks of connected devices, equipment, and systems as part of efforts to embrace digital transformation and improve operational efficiency.

Protecting the supply chain

Computers and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems ensure food and beverage manufacturing facilities can operate safely and efficiently. While cyber-attacks may only involve only these components and their operation, the impact can extend into the physical business and connected systems. Whether a cyber-attack is caused by an external threat actor or group, an internal staff member or inadequate policies and procedures, it can initiate a loss of system control, productivity and product damage.

First Watch’s cybersecurity solutions for food manufacturing facilities address three key areas – people, process, and technology – assessing existing organisational vulnerabilities, providing complete visibility of all hardware and software assets on the network and ongoing monitoring and active protection to promote safety, environmental responsibility, and efficient operations.


Protecting specialized dairy supplier from cyber harm

Following the merger of several co-operatives around New Zealand, a highly specialized dairy supplier achieved rapid business growth, resulting from their innovative development and commercialization of milk-based formula products.

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