Active cyber protection for OT networks

Secure your organisation with the only OT cyber security platform that protects the core of your network - the HMI and PLC, delivering increased asset visibility, monitoring and active protection.

The First Watch Platform

Protects the Human Machine Interface workstations (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) at the core of OT networks by controlling who has access, what applications can be used, and by preventing unauthorized actions and applications from being installed.

First Watch offers greater awareness and visibility of both hardware and software inventory on your network, designed to help you easily manage assets.

Active hardware management allows your team to validate and verify asset communication pathways and hardware assets connected to the network. It also detects and alerts against any new devices connecting to the network.

Visibility and monitoring of software for cyber vulnerabilities enables upgrades to be planned and prioritized minimizing your risk of cyber breaches.

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The First Watch platform provides active protection to the core assets of your OT network – the HMI and PLC. Often poorly protected and infrequently updated, HMI’s are known as ‘cyber beachheads’ for hackers.

The platform prevents illicit access to the network, working deep in the operating system to lockdown the HMI through enforcement of policies and filtering all traffic destined for the PLC, ensuring that only trusted traffic from authenticated HMI’s delivers data to the PLC.

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Platform Features

First Watch secure $3.5 million in second round of equity funding

First Watch, a New Zealand-based provider of cybersecurity solutions for the global industrial networking and critical infrastructure market, has secured a second round of equity funding of $3.5 million.

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First Watch will protect water, energy and other infrastructure

Beyond being scary, inconvenient and expensive, ransomware attacks that have hit New Zealand to date – from Lion to Fisher & Paykel Appliances to the Reserve Bank to the Waikato DHB have all had one thing in common.

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First Watch appoints two key members to advisory board

New Zealand-based developer of industrial cybersecurity solutions, First Watch, is pleased to announce two key appointments – welcoming Tom Batcheler and Declan Ingram.

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