First Watch provides ongoing support, enabling your team to focus on the operational functions of your business. We provide key services to ensure your business is prepared for cyber risk through regular audits, testing, training, and governance.


Reporting & Response

First Watch provides continuous monitoring services, including regular reporting, recommended actions and 24/7 alarm management. The First Watch Platform can integrate external data sources providing a holistic view of network activity.



Detecting and containing security threats before they are exploited is critical to securing your network. First Watch’s continuous monitoring and reporting identifies new and recurring network vulnerabilities and the team will work with you to address these risks.


Mitigation & Planning

Ensuring your organization has appropriate policies, processes and leadership structures in place to reduce risk is critical for ongoing cyber resilience. The First Watch team can work with you to ensure you have strong controls, policies and plans in place in the event of a cyber-attack.

First Watch Services


First Watch have an approachable and open style. The team have been impressive to work with and we look forward to ongoing First Watch support to ensure our plants are appropriately protected from evolving threats to our cyber security.

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