Cybersecurity in the manufacturing industry

With unprecedented growth in OT network cyber-attacks during the pandemic, manufacturers are faced with balancing increased business risk with the benefits of adopting digital technologies to increase growth, competitiveness, and profitability.

Maintaining production

The rise of smarter manufacturing has exposed many to increased risk of cyber-attacks. Protecting networks from cyber-attacks while developing business resilience to recover from such an event are now essential risk management considerations for executives and boards.

Connection of the OT, IT and external networks, legacy systems not designed to be exposed to external networks and increases in remote working make manufacturers a top target for cyber-attack.

First Watch provides manufacturers with the only cybersecurity solution that prevents attacks on the OT network. The platform provides complete visibility of all hardware and software assets on the network and ongoing monitoring and active protection ensuring the risk of cyber-attacks is minimised.


Cybersecurity in the age of Industry 4.0

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