Cybersecurity Training

As leading experts in the industry, our team has a wealth of knowledge to share. Offering a range of cybersecurity training opportunities, we will help enhance your awareness of operational technology (OT) and network cyber risk using recent real-world examples, experiences, and demonstrations.

We offer a range of informative sessions, including:

  • Pillars of Operational Technology Cyber Defense: Governance planning and policies.
  • Network Infrastructure: Best practice configurations, anomalies, good design, examples of attacks.
  • Automation: Firmware changes, project files, runtime variables, secure configuration, add-on apps.
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The knowledge gained from First Watch's cybersecurity trainings has given us a wider understanding and awareness of the cyber risks our business could face.

Cyber insurance and Security-as-a-Service provisioning in cloud computing

In a 2014 report by McAfee it was estimated that financial losses due to cyber risks were between USD 300 billion and USD 1 trillion a year.

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An analytics framework for heuristic inference attacks against industrial control systems

Industrial control systems (ICS) of critical infrastructure are increasingly connected to the Internet for remote site management at scale. However, cyber attacks against ICS…

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