Cybersecurity in the water industry

Water utilities are a crucial element in maintaining public health, preventing disease and protecting the environment. Like many critical infrastructure sectors, water treatment plants are increasingly dependent on computer networks and automated control systems to operate and monitor processes.

Defending critical infrastructure

Utilising Industrial Control Systems has allowed for significant improvements to drinking water quality, wastewater treatment and process reliability, however with these improvements comes an increase in cybersecurity risk and vulnerability as hackers seek to inflict maximum disruption.

First Watch’s cybersecurity solutions provide protection to water utilities of any size, capacity or technical capability. The platform provides complete visibility of all hardware and software assets on the network and ongoing monitoring and active protection. Conducting network assessments to identify and minimise current vulnerabilities, and developing targeted cybersecurity policies and response plans ensure water utilities are protected and risks to critical services and public safety are minimized.


Cybersecurity at forefront for water care company

As a leading New Zealand water care company, our client knew cybersecurity needed to be at the forefront of their business operations – requiring the same level of commitment and focus as physical security measures.

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