Cybersecurity at forefront for water care company

March 3, 2022

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As a leading New Zealand water care company, our client knew cybersecurity needed to be at the forefront of their business operations – requiring the same level of commitment and focus as physical security measures.

Lacking the specific in-house knowledge and experience, this organization quickly realized that First Watch was the only cybersecurity consulting firm that offered the solution they needed ensure their systems were secure to allow for business continuity.

The First Watch Solution

With an increasing ‘digitalization’ of OT (Operational Technology), the landscape of industrial plant and critical infrastructure operations is changing. Many water services and companies are discovering how vital it is to have these vulnerabilities protected from potential attacks.

First Watch’s unique expertise and understanding of cyber security solutions for SCADA and other process control systems was a key factor for the client when choosing a third-party to work with.

The expert team first completed an initial collaborative vulnerability assessment review of the current process control system, along with a SCADA risk assessment of policies and procedures to ensure any high-level threats were immediately identified. Following the review, First Watch was able to utilize the resulting data to estimate, prioritize and coordinate ongoing risk-mitigation activities – drastically reducing the threat of future cyber-attacks on the system.

Focusing on the identifying and protecting assets, a cyber security vulnerability assessment evaluates against industry standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices to ensure risk of cyber events or attacks are minimized.

Ongoing Results

“We needed access to cyber security experts with process control systems knowledge. First Watch’s team of experts was just what we needed to assess our SCADA system” – Operations Manager, Leading New Zealand Water Plant

Working with First Watch, the organization tapped into the First Watch teams’ knowledge and expertise of control systems, process control environments and cyber security, which supported their existing risk assessment procedures.

This work provided valuable insights they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Highlighting specific areas with risk rankings, which enabled the client to assess threats and conform to the corporate standard of audit and review while prioritizing further tasks or action that they needed to execute.

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